Brain in Hand Software

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Brain in Hand Software

Brain in Hand gives easy access to personalised support from your phone. Used by people with autism, anxiety, mild or moderate mental illness, or those recovering from a brain injury. The software is packed with features to help you remember activities, reduce anxiety and feel supported. It’s accompanied by a telephone mentor service to help you at times when you need extra support.  Together this helps you achieve your goals – whether that’s travelling independently, staying in school, going to college or university, starting work for the first time or just learning how to deal better with life’s up and downs..

Amongst people using the system 94% report that it’s having a positive impact on their life, 88% cope better with problems and feel more confident and 100% say it provides them with help when they need it.

Personalised support software

Brain in Hand is a personalised support system that you can access anytime, anywhere from your phone, to help reduce anxiety and make a difference to your life.

Alongside the software Brain in Hand includes ongoing support through a telephone mentor service. If things get too much, you can request additional help. With the touch of a red button on the app an alert is sent to your preferred support organisation. This may be one of our partners such as The National Autistic Society, or your existing support organisation or a family member – your choice. 

At the start you can have one or more personal sessions with a professional trainer to ensure you use Brain in Hand to best achieve your goals. The unique systematic workbook approach adopted in this set-up is important, as it builds a complete picture of your life, often identifying new challenges and solutions.

Features include:

  • Never Forget - A diary and notes for difficult to remember tasks
    To ensure vital elements of your day aren’t missed, including planned leisure activity programmes, you can enter appointments and routines for each day into the diary section of the system.
  • Reduce Anxieties - Instant access to pre-planned coping strategies
    Everyone faces different challenges in life and know which coping strategies work best for them. But when under pressure this can be forgotten. Brain in Hand keeps your best thinking available on demand in your pocket. Before using Brain in Hand, you complete a workbook to help identify strengths and weaknesses and map out challenges from small daily challenges to bigger goals and note which solutions help. This valuable information is entered into your personal account on a secure Brain in Hand website, making this thinking instantly available on your Brain in Hand app on your phone.
  • Feel supported - Track anxiety levels and request extra support
    A major strength of the system is that it links people to their supporters.  Brain in Hand includes a traffic light system. You are prompted (at pre-agreed intervals) to indicate how you are feeling by tapping a traffic light icon on your phone – green if everything is fine, amber if you are feeling uneasy, or red if you want support. This information can be accessed through a secure website by a person who supports you, so that they can see how you are doing.
  • Improve understanding – Access usage information
    All of your activity on Brain in Hand is saved to a secure website, so you can look back at the problems you faced, the solutions you chose and the anxiety you felt. This helps you to better reflect on your day or month and help you set new goals.
    It also gives those who support you with accurate data to better personalise care and provide evidence for the commissioning and management of services
  • Telephone mentor service
    If pre-planned strategies aren’t working and you need more support, at any time you can press red on the traffic light feature and an alert is sent to your person of choice, letting them know you need to talk something through right now. They’ll get in touch in the way you have agreed – phone, text or email.

Brain in Hand is approved by the Disabled Students Allowance.

If you are a DSA assessor, recommending Brain in Hand assistive technology for students, please request the two following parts;

  • Brain in Hand University Edition, one year licence (within the specialist equipment allowance.)
  • Specialist Brain in Hand Training (band 4) (within the Non-Medical Helper’s allowance)

Technical information

To use Brain in Hand, you will need a smartphone or tablet. Brain in Hand supports Android and iPhone devices.

  • Operating System: To use Brain in Hand, you will need a smartphone or tablet. Brain in Hand supports Android and iPhone devices.
  • Feature 1: Online Planner for activities problems and solutions
  • Feature 2: Smartphone app with anxiety monitor
  • Feature 3: SMS mentor alerts for high anxiety levels
  • Feature 4: Mentoring management system management information reports priority support