Communicator 5 Gold USB with 3 Activations per Licence UK English by Tobii Dynavox

by Tobii
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Product Code: 7-0101-0016

Communicator 5

AAC software for efficient communication in all forms.

 Communicator is an AAC software platform that converts text and symbols into clear speech, that gives individuals computer access and more.

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 is a software package designed to help individuals with communication disabilities to communicate more efficiently. Communicator 5 converts text and symbols into clear speech, and offers easy-to-use tools for computer access, e-mail, text messaging, telephony, environmental control and more.

More efficient communication for all

For emerging communicators to literate adults, Communicator 5 comes with language content designed to match every AAC need., You can customize content through easy-to-use editing tools and communicate via text or symbols, as well as high quality speech for face-to-face communication.

With a modern user interface, improved workflows, smart functions and easy access for caregivers, you can keep language up to date and communicate more efficiently than ever before.

Designed for the Tobii Dynavox I-12+ and I-15+, Communicator works on Windows computers running Windows 7 or newer.

Up and running in minutes

Get started in no time, with the built-in setup guide. Start by selecting one of the predefined user levels, a voice, and a desired input method. Communicator will then create a home page that is pre-populated with industry best practice techniques, clinical, robust, and research-based content as well as relevant page sets.

For personalization and growth, you can remove or edit existing page sets to perfectly match your skills and desires. You can also change the background color of the homepage to better suit your personality as well as easily modify your settings.

Supports all input methods

Use Communicator 5 regardless of your preferred input method. The software supports direct input via touch screen, which has been significantly improved with Windows 8/10, as well as mouse click, mouse dwell, joystick, or head mouse. You can also use gaze interaction together with the Tobii Dynavox I-Series and I-Series+.

If you require feedback before making a selection, use auditory prompts, and if your personal needs change over the day, simply switch between input methods.  For example, use touch input in the morning and gaze interaction in the afternoon.

Ideal for single and multiple users

With support for an unlimited number of user profiles on the same device, Communicator 5 is ideal for schools, assessment centers, and care facilities where several users might share the same system. It also works great for single users who might want to have different settings depending on the time of day.

Supports Message Banking

Communicator 5 has built in functions that support the use of Message Banking. Message banking is free service for you to preserve, or record your voice and maintain a personalized connection with family and friends.

  • Operating System: Windows 8/10
  • Additional Info: Mozilla Firefox 31 or newer is recommended
  • Feature 1: Being able to engage in private and personal conversations without the assistance of a helper is of huge importance to many people
  • Feature 2: Choice of keyboard layouts for text telephone and computer access for users who can write
  • Feature 3: Featuring symbols and pictures for users who cannot write