Olympus DS-9500 Digital Voice Recorder 2GB USB 2.0

VAT included

The DS-9500 features a 2.4 inch TFT colour LCD

This is 40% larger than the previous model, and supports 240,000 colours, making the information on-screen much easier to read.

The file List view function had been added to the DS-9500 which shows the file name, date & time, file status and the priority settings of each dictation file

Files can be selected from the list for Wi-Fi transfer or file delete

Also, you can sort the dictation file by status, work type or option ID.

The sensor detects the movement of the body and automatically wakes the device from sleep mode

This feature is essential for heavy users who want to immediately start recordings.

In order to get the best performance out of the speaker unit, the housing had been designed to have enough space behind the speaker unit to form an enclosure

The position of the speaker unit had been optimised for a square type speaker so that the sound wave generated from the front and the back does not cancel each other

Thanks to this construction, the speaker generates enough volume with good sound quality even from the smaller opening of the body

This also helps to keep the speaker unit away from dust