Air02bic Vertical Mouse

Air02bic Mouse

The AirO2bic Mouse is a vertical mouse that has been designed to provide a natural posture for the hand, wrist and arm. The shape of the device means it can be controlled without gripping. The only truly grip-less mouse in the world!

£89.95 Ex VAT

Product Description

  • Grip-less vertical mouse design – The shape facilitates a functional neutral position without the need to constantly grip the device. Without gripping the user’s hands and finger stay more relaxed and comfortable, reducing aches and risks of long term injuries
  • The vertical position moves mouse movement away from the wrist and onto the arm and shoulders, reducing risk of Repetitive Strain injury (RSI).
  • The wrist guard heel and side wall minimises wrist flexing and provides support for the hand in the mouse.
  • The mouse buttons and scroll wheel can be easily accessed from a vertical position.
  • Left and right handed models available.

Product Specs

Dimensions 20.5 × 9.4 × 8.1 cm
Connection Type



1 Year


Black, White

Dominant Hand

Left, Right