G64 Executive Swivel Chair with Headrest


Many office chairs are designed for an ‘average’ person – but who is average? Given the bewildering range of shapes and sizes of the adult working population is it possible to have one chair range to fit all? Giroflex 64 certainly goes further to make this possible with seat depth adjustment function as standard and a choice of seat sizes.

£1,210.00 Ex VAT

Product Description

Giroflex 64 will keep you on the move

The exceptional comfort and freedom of movement of the Giroflex 64 range results from anatomically shaped seat and back contours as well as a unique tensioning system within the mechanism.

Progressive resistance to support increasing body weight as you recline ensures the feeling of floating in the chair is

maintained. Crucially, the correct balance of the chair can be achieved quickly from the seated position thanks to the

accessible location of the tension knob.

• Gas height adjustment

• 5 star aluminium base

• Back height adjustment

• Seat depth adjustment

• Synchronous mechanism

Giroflex, the seating specialist, is continuing to push back the boundaries and challenge conventional ways of thinking and working. For Giroflex, ergonomics is not a fashion nor a mere advertising slogan, it is the starting point of all product development.

Product Specs


5 Years



Seat Depth


Seat Width


Back Height


Back Width