Microlink Combined Workplace Assessment

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A combined workplace assessment considers an employee’s situation, ergonomic setup, and work organisation to provide practical recommendations to improve their comfort in the workplace and at home to boost productivity.

Making your organisation inclusive starts with understanding the individual’s strengths, skills and challenges both in the Office and in the home environment.  If you’re an employee, a combined workplace assessment offers you support that’s specific to you, your job and your working environments. If you’re an employer, the assessment should mean a healthier, more productive employee, and means you’ll meet your requirements under the Equality Act.

Adjustment types:

  • Equipment or software such as ergonomic furniture or computers for dyspraxia, or, for dyslexia, software designed to help with reading and writing. For anyone who is neurodiverse, productivity software can help with memory and organisational skills.
  • Environmental adjustments for autism or ADHD, this might mean a move to a quieter or less cluttered work environment. For a person with dyspraxia, this might mean more desk space for a coordinated task, or being moved away from trip and spill hazards.
  • Adjustments to a person’s role Increased flexibility or remote working, or job-sharing can help those who are neurodiverse manage their time better, manage work stress and delegate the more challenging aspects of their role.

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