Oticon ConnectLine Streamer Pro 1.3A

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Oticon ConnectLine Streamer Pro 1.3A (open version) Black Bluetooth

Version 1.3A connects to Android devices plus iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® via the free Oticon ConnectLine App!

This version of the Streamer Pro does not need to be set up with your hearing aids by your audiologist and will work with compatible hearing aids straight out of the box.

The Oticon Streamer Pro is the key to the ConnectLine range, working as the connectivity interface for the Oticon hearing instruments that are Streamer Pro compatible  currently compatible with all wireless versions of:  Alta2 Pro, Alta2, Nera2 Pro, Nera2, Ria2 Pro, Ria2, Alta Pro, Alta, Nera Pro, Nera, Ria Pro, Ria, Intiga (RITE), Agil Pro, Agil, Acto Pro, Acto, Ino Pro, Chili SP9, Chili SP7, Chili SP5, Dynamo (4,6,8,10), Epoq XW, Epoq W, Epoq V, Vigo Pro Connect, Vigo Connect, Dual XW, Dual W, Dual V, Spirit Synergy, Spirit Zest Plus, Spirit Zest Communicate, Safari 900, Safari 600, Sensei, Sensei Pro, H160v2Ti, and Synergy Sense. Excepting: CIC, CIC Power, MIC, MIC Power and ITC Power products. (may require software update).

Notes – This Streamer is NOT compatible with the Oticon Medical Ponto Plus BAHA. The Oticon OPN has a separate range of wireless accessories & is also not compatible with the Oticon Streamer.

It wirelessly connects the hearing instruments to audio sources for communication, entertainment and information purposes, such as a mobile phone, landline phone, TV, music player, PC, etc.

The Oticon Streamer Pro is worn around the neck and connects your hearing instruments wirelessly to different audio sources and makes your hearing instruments work like wireless headphones. It is ideal for use in the car as a handsfree device.

The Streamer Pro transmits the sound directly into both hearing instruments and thereby improves the audio experience by giving excellent sound clarity.

Streamer Pro is the core in the ConnectLine system where easy, convenient daily use is in focus. It features simplified buttons for the 3 core connectivity applications: ConnectLine phone, TV and microphone, and nearly double the battery life – up to 8 hours of streaming for a full day’s use – of the first generation Streamer.

Streamer Pro gives you the following possibilities:

  • Hands free home phone conversations – ConnectLine Phone adaptor 2.0 available separately
  • Hands free office phone conversations – ConnectLine Office Phone kit available separately
  • Hands free mobile phone conversations in the car and out and about -connect up to two phones at a time
  • Listening to TV sound – ConnectLineTV adaptor available separately
  • Listening to audio (e.g. music) from a radio, PC, MP3 player etc.
    wired to Streamer Pro
  • Listening to audio (e.g. music) from a wireless device via Bluetooth
  • Listening to audio from an induction loop (eg. theatres, churches etc)
  • Listening to audio from an FM system – FM receiver available separately
  • Remote Volume Control and Programme Shift in the hearing instruments


  • Quality sound streaming
    Streamer uses the digital EarStream technology to transmit real time audio
    directly to the instruments. The benefit is a 10 kHz undistorted, crystal clear audio signal.
  • A fully integrated system
    In the ConnectLine system, Streamer Pro identifies all other ConnectLine devices (purchased separately, see Associated Items on Right) connected and ensures that the desired audio source are heard when needed.
    The hearing instruments need no operation by the user but will automatically switch to the correct program dedicated the selected audio source.
  • Personal wireless headphones
    When a set of hearing instruments is linked to Streamer Pro, audio is transmitted directly and securely to both instruments. The binaurally fitted instruments resembles miniature wireless headphones, custom tailored to the user’s hearing loss. Streamer Pro also works with one instrument in case of a monaural fitting.
  • Ease of use
    The AutoConnect feature makes sure that other ConnectLine devices and mobile phones are always connected and ready for use. Just turn on the ‘Connect’ function and all ConnectLine applications are easily controlled by pressing one button on Streamer Pro. Controlled by AutoPriority, 4 wireless devices can stay connected and be used seamlessly.
  • When not used for audio streaming, Streamer Pro also functions as a remote control for volume control and program shift.
  • Bluetooth technology
    Streamer Pro has built-in Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity to ConnectLine devices and supports all relevant Bluetooth profiles. Bluetooth is a commonly used global standard for mobile phones and offers a transmission range of up to 30 feet.

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