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Whether through Zoom, Webex, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts Microlink is here to help you get the adjustments you need.

Microlink prides itself on our face to face workplace assessment service but during this current time with the Covid 19 virus and the directives to isolate ourselves as much as possible, we are happy to offer an alternative, remote solution. This will enable us to make certain you have the right items offered by your organisation. This is a short guide to help you understand how this service works.

What to expect during your session:

When we carry out these remote assessments we are usually looking at your working environment and making notes about your setup, including items such as;

  • What computer you have, a tablet, a laptop or desktop?
  • Do you have external monitors and what size are they, are they on risers or a monitor arm?
  • What type of keyboard and mouse do you currently use?
  • How do you usually communicate via telephone, is it a desk phone or do you use a soft phone system in your computer?
  • What desk and chair you have?

If you are able to give us as much useful information in relation to your working environment it really helps us build a picture.

If you have a Webcam on your computer it would be really useful if you could use it. Firstly, we think this makes the whole process friendlier and less impersonal than a stranger’s voice on the telephone.

Secondly the assessor may need to assess how you are seated at your desk and being able to see your posture gives the assessor a lot of extra information in being able to choose the right solutions for you if you have an ergonomic problem.

Product code: 6-2101-0070

Maximum number of people

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1 Hour

Session type

Remote 1 to 1

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