Roger MyLink Receiver


The Roger MyLink type 02 receivers are for use with any Roger transmitter i.e. Roger Inspiro, Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters.
Especially designed for use by adults. The Roger MyLink ‘hears’ the speaker’s voice loud and clear; even in noisy surroundings, when communicating over a distance, or in reverberating rooms. The Roger MyLink is used with a wireless transmitter (not included) which picks up your partner’s voice and instantly relays it to your Roger MyLink by a digital Roger radio signal. The Roger MyLink transforms the signal and sends it directly into your hearing instruments via the wireless loop program (telecoil) link.

£116.00 Ex VAT

Product Description

The Roger MyLink is a special Roger wireless receiver with integral neck-loop for use in conjunction with a separate Roger Touchscreen mic, Roger Inspiro, Roger Pen, Roger EasyPen or Roger Clip-On Mic transmitter (not included).


• compatible with all brands and styles of hearing instruments with a ‘T’-coil – both in-the ear and behind-the-ear
• Roger digital technology
• no audio input shoes required
• good sound quality
• sleep mode – to save power when there is no active transmitter present
• no need to have one receiver unit per hearing aid, unlike the Roger X – more affordable
• fitting is extremely easy as no programming is required
• operation is as simple as: switch on the Roger Inspiro transmitter, switch on the Roger MyLink and select ‘T’ or MT on the hearing instrument.
• attractive and slim design, lightweight with few buttons
• dual colour LED battery life indicator on Roger MyLink
• typical operating distance of 10m (30 feet) inside and 30m (90 feet) outside

Product Specs

Dimensions 2.5 × 6 cm

2 Years