Apply: Microlink can be your Gateway Organisation

We can help you apply for and secure Kickstart job placements regardless of how many placements you are able to offer.  We will:

  • Help you to identify roles to meet your needs
  • Apply and submit job roles that meet the eligibility requirements of Kickstart
  • Partner you with other organisations if you have less than 30 job placements and apply on your behalf as your Gateway organisation

Support: Your Kickstart Wraparound Support Service Partner

As your Kickstart Wraparound Support Service Partner we can offer you a tailored package to ensure you get all the benefits of a Government-subsidised Kickstart placement without the strain to your resources.

Microlink has teamed up with The Better Health Generation and Kiwi UK and can offer Kickstarters holistic wraparound support whilst in employment, helping them to develop employability skills and be in a better position to find work in the future.

In agreement with you, the employer, this can include:

  • A digital solution designed by clinical psychologists offering post placement support
  • A vocational recognised qualification
  • Mentoring with weekly and monthly planned calls by health professionals and mentors
  • Monthly Review points to ensure effectiveness of the support received and the progress made within the work placement.
  • Support with CV writing and interview skills
  • Management of Access To Work (ATW) claims and supply of any assistive technology required.
  • An array of tools to improve overall wellbeing, time management, motivation and health
  • A ‘check in’ tool for mental health monitoring

If you are interested please register here.

  • Company Address

  • If your organisation is looking to offer 30 or more Kickstart placements, please visit: