A4 Page Magnifier


Bigger, Brighter and Clearer. The Fancii Powerstand-FP25 magnifying glass measures 210 mm (L) by 280 mm (W), made specifically for avid readers, seniors, people with low vision and macular degeneration.

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Product Description

The A4 page sized dimension offer individuals a larger field of view with minimal hand movements required. The Perfect Shape for ReadingThe 2X rectangular magnifying lens is designed for the way you naturally read words and text.

For optimum magnification, it is best to hold the page magnifier at 4 inches (102mm) from the object in view. Use in Various WaysThis versatile page magnifier can be used in multiple ways.

When folded, it can be used as a magnifying sheet while you hold it with one hand. Unfold the legs and it becomes a hands-free desktop magnifier.

You can even use the attached lanyard to hang it around your neck so you can read while sitting on your sofa or bed.Illuminate While You MagnifyEquipped with 12 energy-efficient dimmable LED lights distributed around the frame of the magnifying lens.

The lights provide an evenly lit viewing area, perfect for daytime, night-time reading and use in low light applications. The lights are powered by the included USB cable, or with three AAA batteries, and can last for days.

Product Specs

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 28 × 15 cm

1 Year