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What is a SuperVisor

If you have light sensitivity or are affected by overhead lighting or natural light from a window which you are unable to control without affecting others, then try SuperVisor.

SuperVisor® is a product designed to block or limit the level of either artificial or natural light from a person’s field of view in order to create a more comfortable environment. It consists of a lightweight visor mounted on a spring balanced arm via a special lockable ball joint. This makes the entire system fully adjustable in both height and visor angle allowing the user to position it to meet their individual requirements.

Why SuperVisor

Due to changes in Health and Safety practice it is no longer appropriate to simply turn lights off, as this affects the overall Lux levels (lighting levels) of the surrounding area. This now means that people are unable to easily control the level of light in their immediate environment which can exacerbate their conditions. They are also not able to control the effects lighting has when it reflects off surfaces and other objects within close proximity, such as computer keyboards, screens and paperwork, as this can have just as serious an impact on their condition.

In addition to the Health and Safety changes, to become more energy efficient there has been an increase in the use of glass in building construction. This allows a more efficient use of daylight which further complicates the way individuals can control the lighting in their immediate vicinity. The removal or limiting of light from windows with blinds can also be difficult as it can negatively impact on other members of staff who don’t have light sensitivity.

By restricting the level of light SuperVisor creates a more comfortable environment for the user without impacting on the overall Lux value of their surroundings. It is particularly beneficial to those people who are sensitive to light or who are affected by lighting conditions.

Product Specs


Desk Clamp & Freestanding Base, Desk Clamp Only



Ace Innovations Supervisor

From: £120.00 Ex VAT
Product code: 8-0307-0001

SuperVisor is a product designed to block or limit the level of either natural or artificial light from a person’s field of view.

It consists of a large lightweight visor which is connected via a ball joint to a fully adjustable spring balanced arm. The ball joint allows the angle of the visor to be adjusted and rotated through 360 degrees for optimum positioning.

This product is a complete unit with G-Clamp mount as standard, boxed and delivered with minimal final user assembly required. A weighted base is also available to add to your order should you wish to have the unit freestanding on your work surface.

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