Autism Awareness Training

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A half day session for teams and managers promoting better awareness and understanding.

Our awareness training sessions are designed to be an introduction to neurodiversity.

Our course trainers are all professional workplace coaches or psychologists who specialise in neurodiversity. They have years of experience assessing, coaching and training in the workplace. We are also experts in helping individuals and organisations to adapt so that the specialist abilities and talents of neurominorities can flourish.

Autism is often referred to as a spectrum because experiences vary so widely from person to person. Whilst this is true, it is best not to think of it as a straight line, but rather a colour wheel with everyone having different strengths and challenges.

Our CPD accredited neurodiversity awareness training sessions are delivered by a highly qualified Psychologist or Coach and can be adapted for different size teams and levels of seniority. Delivered in groups of 6-15, the sessions typically cover: how to recognise neurodiversity at work; how neurodivergence effects thinking and communication; strengths & challenges; and strategies for success.

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Half Day

Maximum number of people

6 to 15 People

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