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Live captions and effortless note-taking

For education

Don’t just meet your accessibility responsibilities, exceed them. Use Caption.Ed to ensure all your learners get the most out of their lectures, seminars and lessons, whilst promoting independent learning.

For work

Caption.Ed can supercharge your productivity, providing captions for all your meetings. Take meaningful minutes, synced with your transcript allowing you to record, revise, and revisit exactly what was said.


Captions as unique as your conversations: Captions improve how information is processed and absorbed, whether you’re deaf, have hearing loss, are neurodivergent, or just trying to be attentive in lectures and meetings.

More meaningful note-taking: Generate a live transcript of what’s being said in your meetings or lectures, highlight important information, upload additional media, and add annotations. Revisit your notes at a later date to revise what was said and recall the most important bits.

Timestamped notes: Generate notes which help you better recall what was said and why it was important

Live captions: Create instant live captions for any meeting, video, or lecture so you never miss a thing!

Available as Lite Version with 1000 Minutes Per Month or Pro Version with 3000 Minutes Per Month.


Lite, Pro

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