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Live captions and effortless note-taking

Caption.Ed is captioning, transcription, and note-taking software that helps people who are disabled or neurodivergent become more independent.

Unlike in-built captions, Caption.Ed provides highly accurate, lightning-fast speech-to-text which means users get access to consistent, reliable captioning software. Combine that with the power of in-app note-taking and Caption.Ed is a product which truly helps people thrive in work and education.


  • Ed allows users to add captions instantly to their meetings, lectures or seminars. You can also add time stamped notes, synced to the transcript, and highlight key information so you never miss out on the important stuff.
  • Ed outperforms all the major cloud providers for accuracy, including Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Users also rave about Caption.Ed’s ability to process dialogue in real-time.
  • Ed gives users the ability to screen record and capture the audio from any of their sessions. This media is then stored in the user’s library, alongside their transcript and notes, for them to refer back to at a later point.
  • Users can format their notes to help them better comprehend the information they capture during a Caption.Ed session. You can create headings, make text bold, italicise text, underline text, and even add bullet points.
  • Users can customise Caption.Ed to suit their visual preferences. You can drag and resize the Caption.Ed widget, or even pin it to the front of your screen if required. Caption.Ed also offers Dark, Light, and Sepia viewing modes to improve readability for users.

Available as Lite Version with 1000 Minutes Per Month or Pro Version with 3000 Minutes Per Month.


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