Co-Coaching Session Coping Strategy

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Co-coaching is a session for the employer and their Neurodiverse employee. It helps them to find new and positive ways to communicate and work together.

For Neurodiverse conditions such as, ADHD, Autism Spectrum condition, Acquired Brain Injury and Chronic Health Conditions affecting Cognition (such as Multiple Sclerosis), co-coaching sessions are very effective.

Co-coaching is a service we developed for employees and employers who need support to understand where performance is going wrong and how they can work together. We often find that managers want to help, but aren’t sure where the boundary is between a neurodiverse need that must be accommodated and a performance issue that must be addressed.

In co-coaching, we systematically break down the issues and tasks into clear, measurable outcomes and address them with specific strategies that both employee and line manager agree upon. This process is particularly useful for addressing historical conflicts and working with employees who find it hard to communicate.

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