Dyspraxia Coping Strategy Coaching

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This session enables clients to learn strategies that both minimise the impact of their disability, and maximise their skills and potential.

This session is tailor made to the individual’s needs, helping the individual to develop key coping strategies to increase productivity, build confidence and reduce stress.

Main areas of difficulty & activities which may be covered in this session;

  •     Writing and typing.
  •     Balance and Posture
  •     Organisational Skills such as prioritising, appointments & keeping documents in order
  •     Visual stress: print seems to “jump” on the page and white paper to “glare”
  •     Memory/Sequencing when taking messages or instructions along with maintaining concentration.
  •     Structuring letters, essays, or documents along with filling in forms. Maths & spelling can be affected.
  •     Interacting with others can be difficult, especially in groups.
  •     Stress – loss of confidence, anxiety, frustration, anger & depression may be caused by emotional difficulties.

2 Hour Session, 3 Hour

Maximum number of people

1 to 1

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