FlexDesk 630


You know what it’s like: the desk full of documents, your head always turning from left to right to get the information from your documents on the screen.You can prevent this neck strain by using the FlexDesk. This holder ensures that your documents are aligned with your keyboard and screen, with a minimum of head-turning.

£114.95 Ex VAT

Product Description

Your neck issues will melt away like snow in the sun. This document holder, just like its sibling the FlexDesk 640, has several smart features. It has a worktop that you can extend towards you to make notes. And you never have to lose your pen thanks to its dedicated pen tray.This premium-quality document holder is made of acrylate (5 mm thick), smoothly gliding rails and a white satin worktop.

Product Specs

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 51.5 × 11 cm

1 Year