Forearm Support


The Ergorest Arm Support offers desk-clamping forearm support with 360-degree swivel and height adjustability. Clamp size 34-64mm. Metal construction with a padded forearm support. Can reduce RSI symptoms and be used on either arm.

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Product Description

The Ergorest 350 000 provides the same benefits as the 330 000 but is equipped with a separate mouse station. This ensures that the wrist remains in a natural position, even when working extensively with a mouse. Unlike a mousemat, which can strain the wrist, the Ergorest 350 000 effectively prevents unpleasant symptoms and even carpal tunnel syndrome, which can result in an inability to work. The Ergorest 350 000 also ensures the correct distribution of strain on the neck, shoulders and back.The support’s aluminium double support structure and support pad, upholstered in genuine leather, guarantee a supportive feel and unlimited range of movement.


  • Cushioned wrist pad reduces pressure placed on wrists
  • Will provide consistent high-quality support
  • Non slip back prevents movement in use

Product Specs

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 20 cm

1 Year


With Mouse Pad, Without Mouse Pad

Clamp size

Wide, Standard