Goldtouch V2 Comfort Keyboard

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As the second generation of the premier Goldtouch keyboard you’ve come to know and love, the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard is everything you remember and more. Designed specifically with the individual in mind, our Adjustable Comfort Keyboard will find the right fit for every member of your office or home.

The technology behind the Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard is one that recognises the unique need of every individual, which vary according to body type, height, weight, shoulder width, hand position and other health and lifestyles factors. Goldtouch believes that ergonomic keyboards should fit the individuals needs and not force the individual to conform to the keyboard.

Utilising their patented ball and lever locking mechanism, the Goldtouch V2 Keyboard offers you a personalised adjustment for customised comfort that can significantly improve personal productivity and mitigate the risk associated with computer-related repetitive strain injuries.


  • Ergonomic adjustable split keyboard design.
  • Prevents carpal tunnel – This keyboard adjusts from 0-30° on the horizontal plane to properly straighten your wrists and provides 0-30° of vertical tenting to help you achieve a more natural and comfortable position. The design minimises the effects of ulnar deviation, (splaying the wrists outward) pronation (turning the hands downwards over the keyboard) and dorsiflexion (cocking the hands back at the wrist).
  • Allows for dynamic positioning -Two feet on the back of the keyboard create a negative sloping angle, positioning your wrists in a neutral or downward position rather than tilted upward.
  • Ergonomic key layout – Standard alphanumeric key layout.
  • Embedded numeric pad – Large space bar for easy thumb use.
  • Full size tactile feedback keys with soft end stop.
  • Soft key touch, low activation force, and full key travel distance – Provides keying comfort and reduces risk of “bottoming out” when typing.
  • Compact size -Use in limited spaces and reduce shoulder stretching when reaching for the mouse.

Product code: 8-1003-0044

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 cm

1 Year

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