Jaws Scripting Assessment Full Day


A JAWS script is merely a bridge between the screen reader and the mainstream application. The script does not change the application itself but, rather, helps JAWS extract information from the application that it needs.

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Product Description

Scripting is a recognized and accepted tool in many aspects of the computer world. Microsoft Windows itself has a built-in script language that can be used to run and control applications. The JAWS Script language is not greatly dissimilar, except that it has been specialized for speech and braille output. The JAWS script language can extract and expose information from within application programs and spoon-feed that information to your synthesizer or braille display.


  • Bind keystrokes to script
  • Function scripting to decrease keystroke like SayWord, SayWindows and SayFont
  • Script Manager

Product Specs


Full Day

Maximum number of people

1 to 2 People