mibody Therapy Device

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mibody is a small, discreet and wearable therapeutic device that is easy-to-use and scientifically formulated to manage pain, promote recovery and increase performance.

Using KorOS2 Dual Wave technology, the mibody combines the latest advances in Peripheral Nerve (PNS) and Neuromuscular stimulation (NMS) in a compact design. It is an effective pain management solution for joints, sprains, strains and bruises as well as minor sports injuries.

Users can also benefit from using the mibody device to optimise performance, strength and conditioning training.

Whether you’re working or on-the-go – the mibody can be with you every step of the way.

The NuroKor mibody uses the latest in bioelectronic technology to help manage posture-related and other pain (etc) …

Users benefit from world-first technology, developed with leading clinicians and therapists to deliver pain relief and recovery support for a wide range of conditions. The wearable, discreet solution uses bioelectric nerve stimulation to effectively treat aches and pains and posture-related problems, while you work or relax. A clinical survey of more than 100 users showed that 91% had been able to stop or reduce pain medication while using NuroKor.


  • DO NOT use this device if you have a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic stimulation device.
  • DO NOT use this device until the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and
  • DO NOT use MicroCurrent mode when pregnant.  Always consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any new exercise programme, especially if you are pregnant.



  • 6 treatment modes for personalised use
  • Combines 2 clinically proven bioelectric technologies
  • Effective pain management
  • Small, discreet and wearable design


  • NuroKor mibody device with KorOS2 technology
  • 1 pair medium EcoLife series application pads
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual
  • Information Leaflet

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