Product Description

Productivity starts where standing long hours stops. The Muvman is the first Office Ergonomic Stool Chair for standing/sitting that through innovative technology and ergonomics meets all the demands of the workplace without compromise. The Muvman sets benchmarks for range of movement, flexibility and sitting heights for use in retail, laboratories, medical practices and production shops. It also makes a clear statement in design: stylish, elegant, and distinctive. Greatest comfort for Sitting – standing, Today, every other workplace is a standing workplace. The hours of standing day in, day out are strenuous and even painful. That is why Aeris developed the Muvman. An active seat for standing/sitting whose well-designed ergonomics not only counteracts impairments to health, but also actively boosts productivity through an optimized workplace configuration. This is made possible by the patented Muvzone, a movable joint in the baseplate of the Muvman, which adapts the tilt angle of the spring strut automatically to the posture and movement of the user. A new benchmark is also set for standing/sitting by the continuously adjustable height and the innovative seat with Flexzone Technology for optimum sitting comfort without pressure points and by the inherent stability of the Muvman.


  • Easy height adjustment at the touch of a button
  • Standard height gas stem of 51-84cm
  • Extra height gas stem of 60-93cm

Product Specs


5 Years

Chair Height

51 – 84cm, 60 – 93cm

Seat Dimensions

34 x 32cm

Muvman Stool

£299.00 Ex VAT
Product code: 8-0404-0006

One seat but fits all needs. The Muvman dynamic sitting/ standing seat is ideal for work environments with a unique flexible seat and movable joint in the base which allows you to sit in comfort at all times.

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