Oticon Ear Level Receiver Shoe FM9


Different models of hearing aids need different kinds of audio shoes. Most hearing aids need to be programmed for FM+Mic in order for the FM system to work.

£35.75 Ex VAT

Product Description

Ear level radio aid shoe for;

  • OTICON Agil
  • Acto, Epoq
  • Hit
  • Chili
  • Dynamo
  • Spirit Zest
  • Spirit Zest communicate
  • Spirit Zest Power
  • Spirit Zest Power communicate
  • Spirit Zest Super Power
  • Spirit Zest Plus
  • Spirit Synergy ( not Mini BTE or Mini RITE BTE)
  • Vigo
  • Vigo Connect
  • Ino
  • Get
  • Safari
  • Sensei & Sensei Pro
  • Chronos 7 compact
  • Chronos 7 Power
  • Chronos 7 Power X hearing aids*.

*Please note – there is no Phonak ear-level receiver compatible shoe available for the Spirit Zest Mini or for Safari aids

Product Specs


1 Year