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RH Form Philosophy of Ergonomics

Ever since they started in 1975, RH has used the human form as the blueprint for their ergonomic office chairs. We agree with their belief that a chair should adapt itself to you, not the other way around. An RH Form chair is designed to fit your body.

You can move, stretch and vary your position, all while sitting upright. The result? Suddenly you have more energy for your work and your leisure time.

Superb Backrest

The backrest has a generous adjustable lumbar support, providing comfort for the entire back.The height of the backrest is easily adjusted while sitting and its tapered design and “Tvedts” cushion allows your upper body to move freely while giving great support.

The lumbar support provides extra support for the lower back and, consequently, for the entire back. The pump adjusts the amount of air in a lumbar cushion, providing extra support.

Smart Adjustments

The neck rest can be adjusted by height and depth, providing support for the neck and comfort for the rest of the body. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted separately, enhancing individual comfort and support. Seat height and depth can be adjusted quickly and simply.

The controls can be accessed even when seated and are marked with pictograms to make them easy to understand. The correct height improves blood flow in the legs while the correct seat angle provides better comfort and support.

The resistance of the tilt mechanism is simply adjusted according to body weight and height. This allows the chair to follow your movements without the need to exert muscular force to push the chair into new positions. This control is located beneath the seat.

The tilt mechanism is infinitely adjustable, with a smooth action that can be locked in any chosen position. Dynamic seating means the chair follows your every movement regardless of working position providing complete support, enabling you to always sit correctly and breathe properly.

Superb Seating

The seat includes a layer of wool, providing improved ventilation and making it cooler than conventional pads. The waterfall edge reduces pressure on the underside of the thighs, enhancing circulation. The depth of the seat can be adjusted separately.

Economical Design

Both the seat and backrest pads are easily exchanged. Should they become worn or stained or you want to change them for any other reason, you don’t need to replace the entire chair, which is not only cost-effective and practical but also great for the environment.


  • Adjustable seat height and seat depth with individual adjustment switches
  • Adjustable backrest height with locking switch
  • Backrest recline angle with an adjustment switch
  • Adjustable lumbar support with a lumbar pump
  • Recline tension control with an adjustment dial


Product Specs

Seat Depth


Seat Width


Back Height


Back Width


Weight Limit

23.5 Stone




10 Years

Arms Included


RH Logic 400

From: £1,149.00 Ex VAT
Product code: 8-0401-0150

The RH Logic 400 is an ergonomic office chair that is designed to help relieve the stress of long period of sitting and focus on being a long-term investment for the user’s health and wellbeing.

The RH Logic is optimised to suit users of all body shape and sizes. The RH Logic 400 Task Chair high backrest works to provide total support and provide the correct upright posture to increase oxygen to the blood, thus increasing productivity and performance.

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