Rockstick 2 Mouse


Eliminates pressure and friction between wrist, palm and small finger and the desk surface: The Ergonomic Grip design with detachable ledge keeps the underside of the little finger and palm off the surface of the desk

Eliminates Finger Hovering and Lifting: The unique design of the Rockstick2 mouse allows users to rest fingers on the handle without preparation to click, so all fingers remain relaxed and supported .

£62.00 Ex VAT

Product Description


  • Ambidextrous mouse with a simple switch to alternate hands
  • Left & Right click operated by ‘rocking’ the mouse left and right
  • Enables whole hand operation as opposed to finger-clicking
  • Vertical design helps to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Lip to avoid finger rubbing
  • RF or USB connectivity<
  • Ambidextrous availability
  • Two sizes available – measure the palm width from the base to the top of the pointer finger
  • Small/medium 70-95mm and large 95-120mm
  • 132g weight
  • Mac and Windows
  • Plug and play



Product Specs

Weight 0.132 kg
Dimensions 8.8 × 8 cm
Operating System

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, OS X


1 Year

Connection Type