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Sensory Readable for Windows is innovative software that assists with reading and writing.

Sensory Readable for Windows is innovative software that assists with reading and writing. It offers real-time spoken feedback, acts as a proof-reader, and provides various tools for easy listening and accessibility. Compatible with Windows 10 and 11, it’s approved for funding by Student Finance England for the Disabled Students Allowance.


  • Select any accessible text and Readable will speak it
  • Text-to-Speech performance: Once the text is identified, Readable employs locally installed high-quality text-to-speech to convert the text into natural-sounding speech. You can customise the voice and speed according to your preferences
  • Sensory Readable also provides additional accessibility and ease of use for Microsoft Word. When in Word you can easily change the background colour, character, line and paragraph spacing and font sizes of the document
  • You can easily switch to the tidy focus mode view to help concentration.
  • Readable supports you writing and proofreading in Microsoft Word.
  • Readable intelligently detects and announces other relevant information if chosen, such as menus, buttons, links, word prediction or tooltips, that might aid in understanding the content and navigating applications more effectively.
  • Includes locally installed optical character recognition to convert inaccessible typed text to accessible, for speaking and editing.
  • Sensory Tint – colour tinting and adjustments for vision difficulties.
  • Sensory Ruler – a screen ruler to assist with tracking reading and managing screen contrasts. Multiple monitor support. For Microsoft Windows.
  • Sensory PDF – a dedicated accessible PDF Viewer that can be used as a computer reader for exams or every day PDF listening and viewing.
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