Standard Height Adjustable Footrest


Standard Height Adjustable Footrest

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Product Description


  • Sitting in a chair without proper support can cause poor circulation, back and leg discomfort
  • Overall fatigue which is why the Fellowes standard adjustable footrest is a necessity for maintaining the correct posture as you sit in your office chair
  • The Standard adjustable foot rest from Fellowes offers you dual position height adjustment so you can easily make any changes to suit your own requirements
  • Ensures you are sitting in a position that is more ergonomically correct and comfortable for you
  • Featuring a free floating platform, this ergonomic foot stool allows legs to stretch for increased circulation, improved posture and overall a more comfortable working environment
  • Relieve tension in your feet with this Fellowes footrest, which features a textured surface that massages the soles of your feet, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable and healthier workspace
  • This foot stool is accredited by FIRA International, an independent Ergonomic Accreditor
  • Tested by FIRA International Ltd to comply with the ergonomic requirements set out in European Health and Safety Legislation: EN ISO 9241-5

Product Specs

Weight 1.41 kg
Dimensions 44.76 × 9.52 cm

1 Year