Ultraboard 960 Keyboard

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The UltraBoard 960 offers all the ergonomic benefits of a compact keyboard, with the functionality of a numerical pad included. Compact keyboards do not typically include a number pad.

The main difference compared to a standard keyboard is the optimal layout, which makes the UltraBoard 960’s design eight centimetre’s narrower than a “normal” keyboard!

That makes this the ideal keyboard for employees who are used to having a numerical keypad on their keyboard and those with a permanent workstation who want to create more space on their desk.

Using a compact keyboard reduces the distance to your mouse, which in turn limits the strain on your lower arms. As an added advantage, this compact version is easier to take with you in a backpack or laptop case.

The keys of this compact keyboard feature a light background and dark letters, which offers the ergonomic benefits of improved contrast and reduced reflection. Furthermore, the UltraBoard 960 features two USB ports.


  • Compact keyboard – Research shows 90% of users rarely or never use the numerical section
  • Reduces distance between mouse and keyboard to limit strain in lower arms and shoulders
  • Dark letters on bright background to improve legibility
  • Slimmer and shallower than predecessors
  • Easily transportable
  • Wired and wireless (Bluetooth) versions available

Product code: 8-1003-0734

Weight 0.455 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 11 cm

1 Year

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