Wood Monitor/Laptop Riser


Reduce computer-related strain on your eyes, neck, and back with the wood monitor stand/laptop riser.

£21.85 Ex VAT

Product Description

This handy desk accessory elevates your monitor to eye-level, promoting healthy posture and alignment. Use at the office or at home to create a stress-free environment for work. Featuring a classic woodgrain finish and modern design, the monitor stand will fit in beautifully with your existing home decor.


  • Ergonomic wood-top monitor stand for desk and table top
  • Helps reduce eye, neck, and back strain related to computer work
  • Minimal, modern design that fits in easily with most home décor
  • Woodgrain surface with smooth finish in black
  • Padded feet to protect your desk’s surface and prevent slippage
  • Save space by placing keyboard and accessories underneath when not in use

Product Specs

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 59.6 × 25.9 × 12 cm



1 Year