Workplace Hearing Impaired Training


A 3 hour, face to face training session for an individual with a hearing impaired technology specialist for a Variety of technologies

£350.00 Ex VAT

Product Description

The training will cover the features and usage of the various supplied hearing technologies including; the setup of the devices, pairing of phones and integration with desk phones, usage of the devices in differing environments such as meetings, noisy places, presentations and training sessions.

Examples of technologies covered;

  • Roger Microphone systems such as Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic, Roger
  • Select and Complimentary devices such as Compilot and Mylink Resound
  • Microphone systems such as Multi Mic and Phone clip Telephony
  • Integration using headset and telephone switch units Setup of
  • Associated hearing aid receivers – Please note some hearing aids will need an audiologist to set these devices up

Product Specs


3 Hour

Maximum number of people

1 to 1